Staying Cool in Austin: Outdoors Activities & Heavy Drinking

Here’s a post that I wrote for Seminary of the Southwest’s blog this week. Enjoy!

Seminary of the Southwest

In last week’s blog, Dean Kittredge offered a few points of advice for the incoming professor of Church History. While I found most of her points to be colorful takes on staying cool in Austin, I must say that I feel like she got at least half of the first point wrong.

The part that I think she got partially wrong is the latter portion of that piece of advice. First and foremost, Dean Kittredge is absolutely correct that one should take up heavy drinking during the summer months in Austin — heavy drinking of WATER! Anyone that has been here for any small amount of time can you tell that you are going to sweat in the summer months — A LOT! Therefore, any person considering a move to the lovely Austin, TX should begin getting used to consuming at least a full liter of water each morning…

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